About the Game

Song of Avaria is a text-based roleplaying game that is entirely focused on playing out stories with other characters within the setting of an immersive world, which means that you are required to stay in character and engaged while playing.

It has a number of innovative features such as:
  • an original but historically-flavored fantasy world with expansive lore that has been in development since 2016
  • a web-based character application allowing in-depth character customization
  • a character advancement system where experience is earned through roleplay and storytelling, not combat or repetitive tasks
  • a narrative system that allows players to record and track their story arcs while gaining experience for plot development
  • the meter of Presence, which rewards players for engagement with the game world
  • an expansive class-free skills system that allows the creation of unique characters with highly personalized skill sets
  • automatic logging of all in-character activity, with features for organizing logs and attaching them to plotlines
  • an interconnected forum that automatically rewards the writing of in-character fiction and letters
  • a web-based play-by-post "cutscene" system that allows players to roleplay out scenes even when they can't all be in-game together
  • a highly flexible roleplay-based combat system that integrates environmental factors for strategy, combines player skill with character abilities, and includes a random dash of chance
  • numerous outdoor survival activities such as foraging, fishing, tracking, game hunting, and building fires and shelters
  • a richly detailed environment that rewards interaction and exploration and changes with the time of day and the seasons
  • and last and most important of all, of course -- weather for all places and seasons!

  • Meet the Staff

    Pilgrim is a strangely argumentative person who dreams of making people into hats and gets into fights about porridge with the Evennia People.
    Mistsparrow is a deeply weird and pathologically secretive hermit with egomanic tendencies who cringes from all contact with humankind.
    Toolbox Face is a kindly toolbox who is afflicted with perpetual bemused concern over the pathologies of his game partners, and enjoys making nut cake.