* NPCs can now edit their previous cutscene posts, and cutscene posts will only show the last time they're edited rather than every time.


* Added organizational pre-requisite for quests, and there is now a potential organizational relation to applying for jobs: gaining employment at an organization will automatically induct you to that organization at the requisite rank you applied for.


* 'APPLY' is now an alias for requesting a certain job title at a location.
* The affection an employing NPC has towards an employed PC will now be instrumental in adjusting that PC's pay. Further, jobs will now have small quests you can do in the workplace to 'work' if you want to actively roleplay about it rather than considering it an off-screen chore.
* Some bugs with the quest system fixed, notably NPC ticks not firing during the waiting period and time display being skewed.


* Some small things about VNPC groups have been refined, and there is now a wandering minstrel at the crossroads in St Loomis.


* There is now a wandering poet on the Via Magna.
* Performances can be set up as either tragedy, comedy, drama, or thoughtful -- and this will change the reaction from VNPC onlookers.


* You can learn the Tinkering skill through practice in any situation now.
* Items with durability attributes can now break and be repaired. For now, breaking happens generally in combat.
* Three abilities have been added to the Tinkering skill: tinker, fix, and salvage. (HELP TINKER for more information.)


* Bank tellers now tend to be actual people.
* There are now 'journey' exits that will take quite a while to move between. (Think hours to days.) This will allow individuals to undertake journeys while still roleplaying on the way.
* The ferry between Plew-on-Sea and the Windhaven monastery now rings a bell when it docks, and waits for longer before embarking on its trip.


* You now have to move between ten rooms quickly, rather than three, in order to mechanically 'burst into run'. You may still use bolt, sprint, and any manually running or jogging movements for flavor. (JOG EAST, for instance).
* Performance abilities have been added! There are many types of performers: dance, vocals, instruments. Read HELP PERFORM for more information.
* A category of instrument has been added: keyboard instruments! You can play them with many of the old playing verbs, as well as a couple new ones, but you can also simply PLAY them. The skill and abilities work like those of any other performer.
* A CONFIG BRIEF option has been added, so that those using screenreaders will not be audio-spammed with full room descriptions while trying to walk places quickly.
* You can no longer smell medium-to-low intensity scents on a person, unless you are within touching distance -- and you can't smell anything at all if you're not even at the same place in the room as they are.
* There is now a WEALTH command to show just the money in your coinpurse (if you want to check, but don't need all the rest of the inventory spam).


* Four new plants added: Adelantean mossweed, northern holly, dandelions, and snowdrops.
* Several bug fixes and adjustments made to horticulture abilities.
* You can now forage for plants! While a plant can only be found in the wild in its own growable climate, you can attempt to grow plants outside their native habitats in your garden. However, they will most likely die as they attempt to grow. (There's a chance each tick.)
* A plant whose roots have all been harvested will die some time after.


* HERALDING A NEW YEAR WITH THE DUNGEONMAKER SYSTEM! (Check the DungeonMaker Guide on the wiki for more information.)
* Refined ranges to define different layers of accumulated precipitation, and made it so ships do not show any accumulated precipitation on board.
* Added SWAB DECK command and refined ship crewmate behavior.


* Changed the skill name 'blowdarts' to 'blowguns'.


* Added the ACCUSE command, and tightened up NPC personality variance regarding witnessing criminal acts. For instance, a criminal NPC will never call the guards and accuse another criminal, even if the crime is against their own self. Guards should now properly come when they hear a shout for help.


* Added the town green pond to Plew-on-Sea. This can be swum in during the warmer months of the year, and skated on in the winter!
* Turned off GMCP (temporarily, maybe -- it's causing webclient issues).
* You should now dry off a little quicker, in order to make up for increased levels of drenched-ness!


* Finished building the Via Maris in Omrazir from the intersection with the Via Magna to the Maysa Gate.


* Mobile view for cutscenes and forums on the website made neater. Light GMCP support has been added for mudlet players, default UI package coming eventually.


* Earning titles from groups of virtual NPCs will now enable you to have specialty abilities. For (currently nonexistent) example: if you travelled to Riendu and participating in a brawling club and won their championship, you may gain a few abilities related to locally-practiced martial arts. There is at least one coded in as of now, but they should be secret surprises. Life events have been instituted which can also grant you special abilities: these will mostly be added by staff through the course of stories, but some happen automatically. Currently existing example: if you have survived a bite from a zsimik in the past, you will have immunity to their venom.


* Swaddled babies will not codedly defecate or vomit. You can RP that they do if you like, or if you want random messes to clean up, you can RP that they don't like being swaddled.
* Drowning or nearly-drowning will now cause a long-term effect of water building up in the lungs, which will make breathing difficult.
* The SUCTION special ability has been added to the repertoire of an educated medical professional, allowing the withdrawal of blood or fluid built up in the lungs.
* The ADMINISTER ability is now added to the First Aid skill, so that healers can administer antidotes to patients who are unconscious or asleep.


* Cutscenes now have an optional interior narration that one can add to their posts, much like the think/feel/remember command.


* Anyone who has a metal object and a lit fire nearby can now cauterize another person's bleeding wound. This works much like stitching, but it can cause the victim to faint, and it causes immediate burn scarring.
* The REVIVE and RESUSCITATE commands are now available for those who have the requisite skill in first aid.


* You can now use a tourniquet when trying to stop someone's bleeding. When a tourniquet is on a body part, wounds on that part will not properly heal, so it's still important to get the bleeding wound properly stitched at some point. Leaving a tourniquet on for over 24 hours will also begin the development of a worsening pressure bruise. Things that will work as tourniquets should include bandages, any kind of cloth, belts, and ropes.
* Cutscenes have been updated in a few noticeable ways. All cutscene logs will be automatically saved, and now there is an easy button to click on logs to unsave them so that they can expire. You can now properly edit the first post of a cutscene. Some of the aesthetics on the cutscene detail have been slightly edited. And lastly, there is no longer a length limitation on exposition for the cutscene description.